A-drew is the name of singer-songwriter Andrea Galleti‘s new solo project.


Andrea Galleti (Luxembourg, 1993) started his musical career at the age of six, taking part in singing competitions and winning quite a few.


Soon after, he was discovered by Jang Linster, well-known Luxembourgish producer of children’s songs and films. Bigger stage performances followed, both in the studio and on TV.


After having recorded a few coversongs in 2004, his first EP Feelings, recorded in a small home studio, came out in 2006. Its single Fly Awayaired on local radio shows.


In 2008, Andrea won DNR Luxembourg’s Next Radiostar competition at the Rockhal. This win allowed him to record another EP, the 2009Another World EP, an opportunity to flaunt his songwriting skills with the song What Do You Do. 


That same year sees him being accompanied by a band on stage, and he loves it. In a sold-out Atelier, he and his band open for Canadian singer-songwriter Daniel Powter (Bad Day Coca-Cola Song) - and more performances follow.


In the fall of 2010, Andrea starts his first real band, called Andrea and Undercover, which support the singer-songwriter live on stage. The band consists of Luxembourgish professional and session musicians.


In 2011, Andrea publishes his single Never You And Me, which gets him into the Luxembourg charts for the first time. It not only lands him a number 2 spot in the RTL iTunes Charts, but also draws the attention of local festival organisers.


A team of producers from Berlin express their interest as well. Their Valicon Studios have produced songs by German greats like Silbermond, Lena, Dark Tenor, and Udo Lindenberg.

With the help of this team, Andrea not only produces the songs Whose Heart Did You Break and Money Man, but also starts the band Diario.


After a lot of coaching and only 4 concerts, Diario wow the audience when they open for the German Hit-Rock Band “Silbermond” in a sold-out Rockhal.


Diario gave themselves ample time to produce their first album. For three years, they focussed on giving concerts, performing at most of Luxembourg‘s national and local festivals, but also opening for other bands, notably their idols of the American band Daughtry.


In 2015 the band grab their songs and instruments and hole up at the Elektrofish Studio to record their first album Stains, produced by German producer Hilton Theissen.


In the fall of 2016, the first single appears, simply named New Song, which will be Diario‘s greatest hit. For 11 weeks, the single hogs a place in the Eldoradio Chartbreaker Top 10 (the Grand-Duchy’s most important charts) and makes it to second place.


Mid-2017, Andrea and Hilton Theissen write the last song for Diario.


Although Ready To Goand its striking melody is never published under the band’s name, it is nonetheless on the air for three years as the song in Aral Luxembourg’s advertising campaign.


At New Years’ 2018, Andrea leaves Diario for personal reasons, most notably to focus on his job as copywriter and voice artist with IP-Productions, writing, recording and directing commercials.


Mid-2019 Andrea started songwriting again. After having got together with his producer Hilton Theissen over the summer, some songs have already been recorded.


The first single of the new EP is due to come out in November.


The EP, itself scheduled to come out in January 2020, is to mark the debut of  Andrea‘s new A-drew project.


Accompanied live by Brian Becker and Alessandro Sorbelli or just accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, Andrea’s plan is to perform the newest A-drew songs as well as his most successful songs from the past 20 years.

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